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Thank you for your interest in Dhahran Elementary Middle School (DEMS), a fully accredited American curriculum school. 


As of September 2017 DEMS is full in most grades for the 2017-18 school year. New applications will be accepted, but may not be processed for admission. These applications will be placed on a holding list, and will be processed at a later date only if unexpected attrition occurs on the official Wait List. Contact the registrar before applying to check on grade level vacancies.


Please note that any application form and/or fees submitted do not carry over to the next school year.

Applications for the 2018-19 school year will open 1 FEBRUARY 2018.

Please read the following instructions for the application process at DEMS carefully and take note of the dates given before making an application.

Stage 1 : Submitting an Inquiry and/or Application

Step 1 - Create an account (one per family) to start the application process. The site will be used to submit an application, upload documents and check on the status of each application you submit, this will not be done via multiple emails. An Application begins the process to apply for an available seat at the school.

Step 2 - Upload required documentation :

  • Applicant’s passport copy

  • Applicant’s current year report card for 2017-2018 (latest report card copy) and the last two year’s (2015-16, 2016-17) report cards (not applicable for 4 year olds)

  • Iqama/ Residency visa/ Saudi national ID

  • Any standardized testing if available

  • Ministry of Education approval (for Saudi nationals of all ages)

  • IEP if applicable

  • Relevant medical and/or psychological reports

Step 3 - The Non-Refundable Application fee (SAR 525 including VAT) must be paid by wire transfer and proof of payment uploaded. Banking details are listed in the "document upload area" after an application has been submitted.



  • The status and listing of uploaded documents etc. in the site dashboard should show you whether an application has been created successfully and is completeas per the requirements listed here or not.
  • As soon as the application and documents have been reviewed by the admissions team, the status of the application will be updated and you will receive an email from the school.
  • Please do not panic if this takes some time. If the application and documents are complete, they have been received and the team is busy with them.


Stage 2 : Assessments and Decision Making

An invitation for an assessment will be sent to completed applications received and reviewed during February. Assessments will be held between 8:30am-11:30pm. The dates below are for planning purposes only.

2018-2019 applications will be assessed on :

  • March 11, 12, and 13 (Kindergarten 1- 4 years old by September 1)
  • March 7 and 8 (Kindergarten 2 - 5 years old by September 1)
  • March 14 and 15 (Grade 1)
  • March 18, 19, 20 (Grades 2-8)

Every applicant for DEMS must be assessed before they are admitted to the school. This assessment is to determine the most successful placement of the applicant.  Assessments are by appointment only. Assessments are NOT a guarantee of admission.  NOT all applicants will be assessed – assessments will depend on the availability of seats.


Deadlines :

All applications received, reviewed, and assessed during February and March will be notified of the admissions decision starting April 30.

Deadline for submitting applications for the first round of assessments (dates given above) is February 28.

We will continue accepting applications through the year. Assessments and review will be based on seat availability only.


Please note :

Saudi law requires that all new students (except American and British citizens) apply for a Ministry of Education approval.  If the applicant is in grade 2 or above, the applicant's current report card must be attested by the Saudi Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country from which the report card is being issued.  This may be hand carried with you as it will only be needed upon arrival in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi law also requires Saudi nationals (no matter what age) to apply for Ministry of Education approval directly through the MOE. Approval documents must be submitted before an assessment is scheduled.


Stage 3 : Enrollment

Once you receive an "accepted" status update, the area within the admissions portal showing required documentation to upload for enrollment will become available.

2017-2018 tuition fees excluding 5% VAT:

  • Kindergarten 1- Grade 5 : SAR 63,765
  • Grade 6-8 : SAR 67,907


As soon as tuition fees for the 2018-2019 school year are approved, they will be published here for your reference.


Ready to begin : Go to https://dems.pulsedu.com


For more detailed information about admissions at ISG for all stages, visit :

Stage 1 - Application

Stage 2 - Assessment and Decision

Stage 3 - Enrollment

To view ISG Board Admission Policies, click here.