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International Schools Group (formerly SAIS) is licensed by the Ministry of Education as a "not-for-profit" school district organized within the Kingdom and governed by a Board of Trustees. Campuses are located throughout the Kingdom, including Jubail, Yanbu, Dammam (Rahima), and the main campus in Dhahran, adjacent to the American Consulate.


Within this district there are three divisions, representing three differing curriculums. There is the American Division (Dhahran Elementary – Middle School, Dhahran High School, and Yanbu International School). ISG Jubail operates under an "international" curriculum that is a combination of British and American curricular outcomes) implementing a full American curriculum program. The International Division (ISG Dammam) teaches a modified American curriculum with international teachers. The British Division (Dhahran British Grammar School) has qualified teachers using the National curriculum of England and Wales.


The ISG Board of Trustees represents various stakeholder groups and companies within the Kingdom. Trustees serve two year terms. Volunteering their time, ISG Board members’ responsibilities for the District include:


  • establishing the structure which will provide the means for excellence in education.
  • working collaboratively with the administration and community to develop a shared vision for ISG schools.
  • adopting academic standards based on high expectations.
  • ensuring that assessment systems are in place to measure academic performance.


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All ISG schools are accredited by either Middle States Association or CIS.