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Dhahran Academy (DEMS now) was founded in 1962 as a school for Consulate employees, and is now one of three schools located adjacent to the American Consulate. 450+ students and 50 staff members work, learn, and play together in a diverse community of over 40 nationalities. With an uncompromising commitment to excellence, the mission of our qualified staff, dedicated parents and community is to ensure optimal student learning and success.




Complimenting our excellent educational program for expatriate students from Kindergarten through Grade Eight, we also feature an outstanding Pre-School program for children aged four through five.


Our continually updated curricular areas are designed with learner outcomes as our focus and excellent text materials that are used as primary sources of information. Teachers have multiple supplementary resources available to help them effectively address the outcomes, including internet research and our outstanding library.


On-going student assessment, including pre and post-testing, assist teachers in evaluating student progress. Six Traits of Writing is our school-wide writing assessment tool. Effective materials such as Everyday Math (UCSMP) and FOSS Science emphasize problem solving and a "hands-on" learning environment that simulates and enhances an inquiry approach. We want all students to understand the concepts behind science and math so that they will gain an appreciation of their use in everyday life.


Professional development of our teaching staff is important, and is one of our areas of emphasis at DEMS. Through a combination of on-campus workshops and inservice opportunities, and attendance at teacher conferences such as "Teachers Of Young Children," "The Arabian Reading Association," "NESA, Fall Training Institute," and "Near East – South Asia" Teacher's Conference, our teachers gain significant knowledge and remain current in educational practice. This emphasis results in improved student learning.




Elementary specialists include Art, Physical Education, General Music, Arabic, and Library Skills. In Middle School, students may select Art, Band, Choir, Introductory French, or Introductory Spanish. Other electives are developed based on the expertise and experience of our middle school faculty.