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English-as-an-Additional Language: EAL classes are designed to support students who have little or no English language skills when they enter DEMS. Students are expected to progress through and exit the program as soon as possible in to the mainstream classroom environment with basic English skills. A trained teacher directs the program.


Reading resource: DEMS has a reading resource teacher on staff to assist students who are having difficulty in one curricular area or need short term support to master content or a particular skill. Students are referred to the Resource Program by the classroom teacher or counselor through the Student Success Team (SST) process. Parents will be notified when their child is receiving long term resource support.


Counselor: DEMS employs two full-time trained counselors who screen new students and assists continuing students with academic and social issues.


School Nurse: The Dhahran campus schools employ nurses who are trained to deal with physical issues that commonly occur in a school environment, including health screening.


Teacher Assistants: Our Pre-School, and elementary classrooms have teacher assistants assigned to them. Assistants not only do playground duty, but also help the teacher with tasks that allow the teacher to concentrate more time on assisting students.