Student Support

English Language Learners

ELL classes are designed to support students who have little or no English language skills when they enter DEMS. Students are expected to progress through and exit the program as soon as possible into the mainstream classroom environment with basic English skills. Two trained teachers direct the program.  It takes time to become proficient in a second or third language, especially written language. It is recommended that you speak with your child’s classroom teacher(s) if you have any concerns about this. 

Learning resource:

DEMS has a learning resource teacher on staff to assist students who are having difficulty in one curricular area or need short term support to master content or a particular skill. Students are referred to the Resource Program by the classroom teacher or counselor through the Student Success Team (SST) process. Parents will be notified when their child is receiving long term resource support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a child qualify for support?
A classroom teacher may refer a particular student to the Resource Program. The DEMS Student Success Team will meet to evaluate and make recommendations. If a child is found to have a specific learning disability, then a Learning Support Plan (LSP) will be put in place, and the child will receive regular academic support in the area of need. 

When will the child receive academic support?
The SST works with the student in the classroom or on a pull-out basis, generally for about 35 minutes, one or more days a week. The SST collaborates with the classroom teacher to determine the best time for service.

DEMS does not provide services for students who need considerable academic support, the school does not have a special education department. 


DEMS employs two full-time trained counselors who are part of the team that will screen new students. Their primary role however is to assist DEMS students, their parents and their teachers with any academic and social issues.