Message from the MS Assistant Principal

07 October 2019 | Tracy Bosch, Middle School Assistant Principal

Middle School Newsletter

As a middle school we are almost at the halfway mark of the first trimester which is just crazy to consider.  We are looking forward to cooler weather where we can enjoy outdoor break time during October. I have received some questions regarding homework and contacting teachers recently.  While I am always happy to assist students and parents with issues or concerns, most often the teacher involved will have more accurate answers.

11-14 year olds experience increased achievement when they continue to learn outside the classroom. The middle years is a time when students may develop strong interests in activities that take place after school, like sports and the arts. Students need the opportunity to balance their time between learning and personal passions.  As a school nightly reading and unstructured play is encouraged. However in the middle school there will be additional subject specific activities. The guideline for teachers is that this homework should not exceed one hour weekly per subject area. (This averages to one hour of homework each night, in total across the student’s entire schedule of subjects.) Homework is not graded but in most cases it is necessary to support the class work the following day. In some cases, like music, art, PE, or global language, practice is necessary, and should not be counted as homework.  Middle School core teachers post assignment details (many in the form of a weekly study guide) to their Google Classroom for easy reference. Should your child be taking significantly longer than the guideline to complete homework or reports “No Homework” on a regular basis, I suggest checking Google Classroom and contacting the teacher directly to discuss your concerns.  

While phone calls and meetings are difficult to coordinate during a regular school day, you can contact DEMS teachers by email any time. As a school we schedule a Fall and Spring Parent Teacher Conference for all students.  Wednesday October 16 (2:30-6pm), and Saturday October 19 (7:30am-3:30pm) are scheduled as our Fall PTCs. Middle school conference times are not scheduled. All teachers - MS core teachers and all specialist teachers will be in the Mini Theater for you to meet with and discuss your child/ren’s progress. To avoid overcrowding, teachers have sent/posted specific drop in times for parents and students to attend. Please be sure and reference this communication.  Should you not be available during the time advertised, please contact your child/ren’s teacher by email.

- Tracy Bosch