The DEMS Scorpion

05 May 2019

Our Middle School bands and choirs finished the year off strong with their Spring Concert.  The Spring Concert is the last band/choir performance of the

17 April 2019

Say hello to our Med Cup 2019 team!  The final 11 have been selected and they are training hard in preparation for representing DEMS in Italy.  DHS Juni

17 April 2019

4 Blue researched the histories of various currencies and presented them to their teachers and peers.

08 April 2019

KG2 and First Grade did a wonderful job with Pajama Party.  The tunes were catchy, the dances were fun, and everyone got to wear their pajamas! 

21 March 2019

This sweet KG2 class wanted to give back to their community and chose to spend a little time each week picking up trash around campus.  What a thoughtfu

18 March 2019

Seventh Grade Humanities

07 March 2019

We just did a fantastic fundraiser for refugees in Jordan, and are so proud to have raised a ton of money in just one day!  Read more

23 February 2019

Our Elementary and Middle School Sports/Field Days were a huge success!  They took place over the course of two days, with the Element

23 February 2019

Check out some highlights from Dads and Donuts- we do this event annually and we absolutely love it!