Personal History Presentations

18 March 2019

Our Seventh Graders just finished up a 'Personal History' project in their Humanities classes.  Students were asked to combine primary and secondary sources in an individual research project about a historical event someone they know has lived through and the experience of their family member through the event. Then they presented this information to the class.

Read the assignment prompt below:

Step 1:  You’ll be asking someone, or more than one person, you know (a grandparent would be ideal) about an important historical event they’ve lived through, for example a war, political crisis or natural disaster. The person does not have to have been directly involved in the actual event, but must be able to add valuable information and a different perspective. Asking a general question like, ‘ What do you remember about………..?’ would be an easy start. You will interview them about their experience with the event.

Step 2:  Based on the information you get you’ll then write several good research questions, and conduct a thorough investigation of the event.

Step 3:  You will complete your independent research, taking notes from books, internet sites and other places. You will also compare your research to your family member’s experience, going back to them for clarification and asking follow up questions, to provide better understanding of the situation.

Step 4:  You will write an informative essay, including facts, examples and anecdotes about your chosen historical event. This will be shared in presentation board format including pictures, maps, diagrams, charts for deeper understanding. We will present in a science fair manner to a small group.

Parents and Middle School faculty were invited to view the presentations, which were timed and open to questions by the audience at the end.