17 February 2020

Last week, we had our annual Walkathon.  This is our favorite fundraising event of the year.  Students reach out to their community to collect pledges to be donated to organizations, both local and abroad.

The first round of walkathon pledges have been collected, popsicles and popcorn have been enjoyed, and WHITE house is in the lead!

We will be collecting money until the end of the week and we are donating to important causes that hold special meaning to us.

Find out more here:

In honor of our friend Eden Bearns- https://bit.ly/37EtsCI

In honor of Bruce Hudson- https://www.midamericatransplant.org/

We would also like to say a huge thank you to AlRaja Printing Press for so generously sponsoring our shirts: http://www.salmangroup.com/en/21