WOW Week

18 February 2019

Week Without Walls at DEMS takes place in the same week as study trips.  Middle School students that do not go on a study trip get to use this week to explore classes and activities that are not normally offered during the year.  They also go on field trips that supplement what they learn in their exploratory sessions.

This year, the Middle School participated in an exciting new activity- the Design Challenge.  They were split up into their House color groups and were asked to design a space.

Groups were given parameters such as a budget, size of space, and a deadline.  Each group member had a specific task- budget manager, purchaser, designer, etc.  Students were taken to IKEA to figure out pricing, sizes, and aesthetics. When they returned to school, they created their space on online softwares.  At the end of the week, all the groups toured each others’ spaces and gave each other awards based on what they experienced. The awards categories were as follows:

Best Overall Design

Most Creative Design

Most Comfortable Space

Best Use of Space

Most Efficient Use of Funds

The goal of this activity was to learn group work, take responsibility for specific tasks that your group is dependent on, and to combine real world logistics with imagination and creativity.